Atompoint works with companies and startups to ideate, design, develop & scale their digital product startup. Once the product has been released in the market as a minimal viable product (MVP), Atompoint incubates and creates a dedicated design and engineering team to scale the startup.

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Some of our top incubated Startups


Lean Startup

Atompoint’s incubation service helps you create a successful startup while minimizing risks and costs involved. As the product grows, we hire dedicated resources to bring the cost down, while accelerating development capacity. Our expert agency resources fill in the gaps in your dedicated team so you don't have to hire every kind of resource in your payroll and use our agency resources on-demand.

service features

What's Included
in Incubation

Some of our top incubated Startups


We give expert IT advice and strategic
input for success of your technology
startup and alignment with business objectives


Build and maintain your product
according to your needs &

Designing UX/UI

Solving user problems with a
human first approach to designing
the aesthetic experience

Team Creation

We help hire and grow a dedicated
technical team for your startup

Team Augmentation

Atompoint provides on-demand technical resources to fill in the gaps in your team


We manage your technical team and
provide them with required ecosystem, workspace and processes


A decent workplace to give
you a chance to network with
like-minded people

Process Setup

Speed up the incubation cycle to build
an MVP. Graft product development
and prepare for marketing


Help overcome the liability of
newness by getting physical
& intangible resources


Pricing by
Your Roadmap

Atompoint works with you to create a product roadmap and a resource plan as per your budgets and requirements. Giving you better visibility and predictability into your costs as your startup progresses through different stages.

Payment Options


Pay with Cash


Pay with shareholding
in your startup


Fully Or Partially
Augmented by
Innovations Lab

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